NINTENDO ACCION: The game's story is quite original compared to other Pokemon games…
Staff - Our intention was to create a game that was different from the preceding ones, that’s why we made a more serious and sinister game. These words may sound uneasy, but Pokemon Colosseum will continue to fascinate all Pokemon fans. Once you start playing, you will be faced with a lot of things that will be absolutely familiar to you.

How does the mechanic of "stealing" Pokemon work and how is it different from capturing wild Pokemon?
Staff - "Stealing" is something you only do while in battle. You steal the Pokemon from the opposing trainer using a Poke Ball, although this may not sound very good to the more "purist" trainers out there, once they get into the game they'll realise that it's cool. With the "stealing" Pokemon mechanic we have the opportunity to make something different.

Who is the target audience for the game?
Staff - When we were developing the game, we didn’t think about changing the audience usually Pokemon is targeted to. However, if a more adult player gets into Pokemon Colosseum, they will notice that it has many interesting points and a deeper story.

What new feature of Pokemon Colosseum do you think will appeal to those who have never played a Pokemon game before??
Staff - We think that newcomers to the franchise will be impressed with the Pokemon themselves being in 3D and with the spectacular battle animations.

Will we be able to capture Legendary Pokemon like Lugia or Entei in the RPG mode?
Staff - That’s confidential and we can’t talk about it from the time being.