Go Ichinose:

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Minako Adachi:

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Teruo Taniguchi:

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Toby Fox:

Translation and Proofreading - chart

Toby - Hello! I'm Toby Fox, the creator of UNDERTALE. This time around I was one of the people who worked on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as a composer. To my surprise, one of the melodies I wrote plays throughout the whole game as field music; I'm very honored! At first it was made only to be used in the Academy, but when I was allowed to see the game during development at GAME FREAK somehow that melody became the main theme of the game! Even now I can't believe it...

Adachi-san did the arrangements and I wasn't involved in that process at all, but hearing all the different versions playing in game one by one was a surprise like getting a present. (by the way my favorite is the ones that play when walking around)

While we're here I can talk a little bit about the other songs I was in charge of...

Area Zero:
Toby - The original version I wrote of this song was much more peaceful; it had a 'heavenly' feeling to the arrangement. However, the more dynamic version of the song heard in game was arranged by Ichinose-san. Thanks to him the final product's solemn feeling and impact overall has risen. I'm so happy I feel like I'm in heaven~ Thanks Ichinose-san

Battle! (Zero Lab):
Toby - I was very moved to be allowed to write the final battle theme. The melody was based on the trainer battle theme from Pokemon Red and Green. I wanted everyone to have the same feeling of getting goosebumps that I did when I first heard that song as a kid. By the way, the breathing sound at the end of the song is me. It's by some strange coincidence that I'm writing another theme for a boss with black and blue glowing eyes.

Battle (Tera Raid):
Toby - When the melody I wrote for this was used in the currently airing Pocket Monsters anime I was super surprised and unbelievably happy!